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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 full show


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Victoria’s Secret Live 2016


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Easy Napoleon Recipe – Dessert Napoleon – Heghineh Cooking Show


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High sunlight exposure may cut myopia in adulthood: Study


Worried about your teenage kids spending a lot of time playing outdoors games? Take heart, a new study has suggested that increased amounts of exposure to sunlight may reduce the risks of developing myopia or nearsightedness in adulthood. According to the study, higher exposure of ultraviolet B (UVB) between ages 14 and 29 years may have reduced odds of myopia ...

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Eating a handful of nuts every day reduces risk of heart disease, cancer


A new analysis of all current studies regarding the beneficial effects of nut consumption to the body revealed that eating a handful of nut daily could reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases. The analysis, published in the journal BMC Medicine, showed that consuming about 20 grams of nuts a day could reduce the risk of coronary ...

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Even one night of bad sleep can hurt heart health


We all know that long-term sleep deprivation can be bad for your health, but just a few nights of poor sleep can’t be that bad, right? Think again. A new study has found that even short-term sleep deprivation can have serious consequences, such as increases in heart rate and blood pressure. These results further emphasize the importance of adequate sleep ...

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7 cancers you can prevent with exercise


A cancer diagnosis can be a devastating event but some may also be preventable. In fact, an estimated half of all cancer deaths are avoidable by practicing healthy lifestyle habits, according to the American Cancer Society. One of the most potent cancer-fighting weapons is exercise. While the benefits of a regular fitness program include keeping the pounds off, improving blood ...

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Dentist may have exposed nearly 600 patients to HIV and hepatitis


A dentist at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Wisconsin has put at risk the health of hundreds of veterans because of his failure to follow standard infection control procedures. Victoria Brahm, acting medical director at the hospital, revealed on Tuesday, Nov. 29 that 592 veterans who received care from the dentist have possibly been exposed to several types ...

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Armenia sambo wrestlers win medals at world championship


Armenia’s athletes have won five medals at the World Sambo Championship, which was held in the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia. Vachik Vardanyan (68 kg) became a silver medalist while Asya Lalazaryan (48 kg), Tigran Kirakosyan (52 kg), Maksim Manukyan (57 kg), and Davit Grigoryan (82 kg) won bronze medals in this tournament. Team Armenia at this event comprised twelve ...

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EFL Cup: Mkhitaryan is recognized Man of the Match


As a result of an online voting on the Manchester United (a.k.a. Red Devils) official Twitter account, midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been recognized Man of the Match in the English club’s EFL Cup quarterfinal clash Wednesday against London’s West Ham United. Captain of the Armenia national football squad thanked the fans for this honor. Mkhitaryan was recognized Man of the ...

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